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No matter what your business is, chances are very good that heating and cooling are essential to it. Whether you own or manage a restaurant, an office, a church, a machine shop, or a warehouse – once the HVAC stops, work stops. To make sure they never face an emergency breakdown, many businesses have a commercial HVAC maintenance plan – to highlight exactly what their system needs and when!

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At Ames Mechanical, our commercial HVAC teams provide all of the heating and cooling that businesses and commercial facilities need. From emergency repairs to system upgrades and commercial HVAC system maintenance, our team handles it all. Since timely prevention of problems beats the best emergency solution, we’re highlighting the importance and benefits of preventative maintenance. Learn more about why regular tune-ups are so essential – and request a free commercial HVAC maintenance plan from our experts!

Benefits of Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

Both the heating and cooling system and the needs of every business are different. The only constant is that commercial HVAC system maintenance is essential – and provides a wide range of benefits. Here are the key points you can expect from a professional tune-up:

All of these essentials serve as the basis of regular heating and cooling services, but of course, the needs of an individual system mandate individual services as well. While some of the parts of a tune-up may change, the benefits stay the same. Here are the three main advantages of following a commercial HVAC maintenance plan:

Prevent Breakdowns – When work stops because of a HVAC system breakdown, it can be costly in more ways than one – and it can sometimes be rivaled by the bill to fix everything. While 100% necessary, the cost to fix emergency HVAC problems can be steep. That’s why many businesses prefer to find problems proactively and fix them when it’s most convenient. Even if a large repair is required, you’ll enjoy the benefit of not being caught off guard and not having to pay for emergency work. Commercial HVAC system preventative maintenance is designed to identify and fix these problems before they cause a breakdown.

Extend Lifespan – There’s no question that having to replace the main components of your heating and cooling system is a serious expense. That’s why extending the lifespan of your system is such an attractive proposition. The steps we take during our scheduled tune-ups ensure sensitive components are free of dirt that can damage them, while making certain the individual parts are working at peak efficiency. By removing the dirt and optimizing the performance, you protect the system and keep it from being overworked. Bottom line: regular maintenance will add YEARS back onto your system’s lifespan!

Maximize Energy Efficiency – Not only does keeping the system clean and tuned-up extend its lifespan, but it saves you money every month, too. Since the system will be running as well as when it was brand new, you don’t use much fuel or electricity – and that is savings you’ll notice on your bottom line. Since saving energy has become such a focus for some businesses in recent years, our experts also specialize in commercial HVAC energy efficiency as well. As part of our HVAC maintenance plan, we prepare a free energy audit to help you ensure your system runs at maximum efficiency, saving you every dollar possible.

For all potential clients, the Ames Mechanical HVAC team always offers a free inspection of your system to identify any risks or issues you need to know about. After taking a look at your system, our crew will provide a free energy audit and maintenance plan proposal. This is the Ames Mechanical way of earning your business, while serving you! If you’re interested in finding out how you can save on your energy bills and getting an expert set of eyes on your system – reach out to our team right now!

Increasing Commercial HVAC Energy Efficiency

In the majority of cases, the simplest and most cost-effective way to boost commercial HVAC energy efficiency is through a basic tune-up. Since the system won’t have to work as hard, you won’t pay nearly as much to operate it. This holds true whether your business is heated and cooled by a single heat pump or a huge system – a tune-up will pay you back! That is just the beginning, though – as part of our commercial HVAC energy efficiency audit, we can identify areas of waste and even make recommendations for upgrades to ultra-high-efficiency systems. Ultimately, any questions you have about heating, cooling, energy efficiency, air quality, or anything else, we’re the go-to source!

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We want to encourage businesses of all sizes to consider trusting Ames Mechanical as their do-it-all heating and cooling partner. Whether you have an emergency repair, a long-awaited upgrade, or you want to see a commercial HVAC maintenance plan – we can help.

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We had a very positive experience with Ames – lot’s of good communication throughout the project. Any problems, concerns, or things that came up throughout the project, they were able to address them and made sure everything was done satisfactorily during, through, and at the end of the project. It was a wise choice to pick Ames as our builder.

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