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What’ve you got to lose?! Ames Construction – Complimentary Project Review

Commercial construction projects of almost any kind require significant investment and are built for specific purposes. Whether it’s a small renovation project or a large brand-new building, getting it right is paramount! Our Complimentary Project Review allows you and your team to process your ideas and goals with our professionals BEFORE committing to a specific direction.
As part of the Ames Complimentary Project Review, an experienced member/s of our team will visit with you to listen and learn about the goals for your project. We don’t come to give you a sales pitch – we’re there to have a conversation and give you our perspective.

Depending upon the stage of the process we may be able to provide all or some of the following:

  1. Offer design input/considerations
    Whether you have a sketch or just an idea in your mind, we’ll sit down and take a look or discuss your thoughts and offer suggestions, ideas or affirmations. Or maybe there’s a property you’re looking to renovate. We’ll meet you there and discuss design possibilities. These early conversations can help clarify direction related to your ultimate vision for the project. Of course we’re not architects or engineers and we’re not trying to replace their expertise. We simply offer thoughts based on our experience.
  2. Develop preliminary budget estimates
    You may want to know approximately what a project might cost before diving into the details – “is this project even feasible?” We’ll take the time to put together some “ballpark” numbers as best we can, based on our experience and the information we have. This early work may help you have the confidence to move ahead enthusiastically or prevent you from getting too far into a project that doesn’t make sense for you financially.
  3. Recommend possible professional project partners (architects, engineers, specialty trades, etc.)
    Over the years we’ve developed great relationships with many people in the commercial construction industry. We know a lot of outstanding architects, engineers, specialty trade contractors and others. These are people who do a great job AND know how to work as part of a team. We can help point you in the direction of a professional/s that we believe would be a good fit for you and your project. We can also help identify the type of team that will be needed to accomplish your goals. At Ames we pride ourselves on being excellent team players and team builders.
  4. Analyze any existing proposals/designs
    Maybe you already have an existing design or even proposals to do the work. We’ll sit down with you and review them, listening to your thoughts and concerns, and offer our opinion. If things look great we’ll tell you that. If there are questionable items or red flags we’ll tell you that too. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. You’ll either come away with affirmation of the direction you’re heading or realize that you may have found a better way.
  5. Discuss value engineering possibilities
    We understand that for most commercial construction projects ROI is extremely important. We have a lot of experience at finding ways to decrease costs without sacrificing the vision, function and result of the project. There may also be ways to improve or enhance your project with little or no added investment. We’re happy to share some up-front ideas that may help you find the sweet spot where you’re getting the best value for your investment.
  6. Identify potential pitfalls or problem areas
    Every project is different and comes with its own set of challenges. Things like environmental concerns, construction challenges, access challenges, municipal regulations, traffic impacts, and more can create complications. Identifying and preparing for possible challenges up front can be the difference between a smooth, successful build or a frustrating project. Our experience helps us to identify possible areas of concern and help set you up for success.
  7. Explore project timelines
    We’ll help outline a realistic timeline for the completion of your project.
    problems before they become reality.


Why a Complimentary Project Review?

The goal of our COMPLIMENTARY PROJECT REVIEW is to offer you something of value, up-front, with no strings attached or sales pressure. We’re a commercial construction company and of course, we would love to be the general contractor for your project. If after meeting with us you would like to develop the relationship further we’d be happy to discuss our pre-construction services. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions but work with each of our clients to customize a plan and build a team that works for their project.

You don’t have anything to lose! We may be able to help you point your project in the right direction or simply help you to confirm the path you’re on. Bottom line: it never hurts to consider all of your options before signing a contract.

Start with a Conversation – We’re Ready to Talk

There’s no question that deciding between a new build, remodeling, or commercial retrofitting is a complicated choice. While this is a decision you and your company stakeholders will make, we can perform any of these services and are able to provide input if you desire. We encourage you to invite someone from the Ames team to discuss the possibilities – and advantages – of each direction. Contact us today for a no-obligation project review and discussion!

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Our franchise ownership team had an excellent experience working with Ames Construction, Inc. to build our new Tommy’s Express Car Wash in Chambersburg, PA. They did a great job working with Tommy’s corporate to meet their schedule and specification – we’re very pleased with the final result! Ames will be our first choice on our next project in their trade area.

Lee Wells - COO, Mid Atlantic Car Wash Group, LLC