Design-Build Construction Firm in Lancaster, PA

Designing an exceptional commercial property requires a combination of fulfilling practical needs, while showcasing the aesthetic qualities desired by the client. Shepherding a design from the inception (as blueprints and renderings) to the finished project is an essential role.  When serving on projects as the design-build construction company, we serve to help you finalize your design as well as taking the management steps to bring it across the finish line. Whether a small custom job or a large-scale commercial undertaking, we approach each design-build project with the same care and skill earned through decades of experience.

When the build truly matters, clients often choose to trust the design of the project to a proven architect with a vision they trust.  At Ames Construction, we have relationships with leading architectural firms throughout the state. When working as a design-build construction firm, we commission work from numerous leading architects with whom we have long standing relationships. We look forward to being the design-build construction partner you trust with your project.

What Our Design-Build Contracting Services Entail

Ames is able to handle all of the work that brings a project from inception to completion. While every build is different, our design-build contracting services generally focus on working with you to finalize the design and then leading the build from the ground-up.  These are the steps we follow in the design-build process:

Understand Your Project Needs  The first step we take is to listen and truly understand the vison of your project to be able to best represent your needs.

Connect with Architects and Design Firms  Next, we match your project to one or more leading architectural and design firms. We help you decide on the partner with the right vision for your project.

Review Drawings, Blueprints, & 3D Renderings  After this, your Ames team will work with you to review and revise all design materials.

Manage Architect Relationship throughout the Build  Finally, we represent your interests throughout the entire build, managing the architect relationship, and ensuring the construction goes smoothly.


Ames Construction: Experience Leading the Way

Our advantages as a design-build contractor are through our experience and the productive professional relationships that our company culture facilitates. The decades of construction and design experience of our team make them ideal partners for design collaboration. While every project is absolutely unique, it always helps to be surrounded by professionals who have shown success guiding similar projects. The Ames difference is clear from the very first conversation – reach out to one of our professionals to start discussing your project.

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It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Ames Construction to you as an excellent option for a design/build firm. We had the opportunity to work with Ames on a total renovation of our church building in the last year and were very pleased with the work, organization, people, and professionalism they portrayed.

If you are considering Ames as your design/build firm, I highly recommend them. at ECOB (Ephrata Church of the Brethren), we are about relationships, about finding ways to partner with people and companies locally. We were tremendously blessed to find Ames., to get to know them more and to work with them professionally. You will not be disappointed in their passion to make your dreams become a reality – they did it for us.

Brian Messler - Lead Pastor, Ephrata Church of the Brethren