Post-Construction Services for Lancaster, PA & Beyond

During this final phase of building, all of our work is oriented around delivering a flawless project and ensuring you are prepared to use your new space from day one. Just like our pre-construction steps are exhaustive to ensure your vision is fully realized, our post-construction services ensure that everything you’ve envisioned has been delivered. Learn more about how we handle this final step – and reach out to discuss the Ames Construction experience with us today.


How Ames Gets You Ready for Day One

The whole process has been leading up this: taking over your new space. Our post-construction steps are an essential part of every project. While the demands and requirements differ depending on the nature of the project, these are some of the key ways we ensure you have everything you need:


Site Clean-Up – Whether it’s a grocery store, a restaurant, an office headquarters, or anything else, we turnover a clean and respectable space.

Thorough Punchlist – Since we never want to miss anything, even something small, the post-construction phase necessitates the same diligent attention that every other phase does.

Training Sessions – Your new building will come with a learning curve, but we want to make that as smooth as possible through training sessions with company stakeholders, maintenance people, and anyone else.

One-Year Final Walkthrough – As our one-year warranty comes to close, we’ll be there to handle any issues that may have arisen.

You Have People to Call – We say relationships are the cornerstone of Ames Construction, and this is one of the ways we show it. Questions will come up – and you’ll always have people to call to get answers.


Committed to a Successful Project – No Matter What

Wherever you begin the relationship with the Ames Construction team, the finish line is the same – your project delivered on-time, on-budget, and in accordance with your vision. That holds true whether you start at the very beginning with a pre-construction consultation or you bring us in part of the way through. It all leads to you taking control of your new facility as smoothly as possible. These post-construction steps are a few of the ways we show our commitment to your experience the entire time. If you want a partner who is truly committed to ensuring your building is ready to use on day one, we’d love to talk.

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The Team at Ames has become the Gold Standard in Retail Construction in our book. Over our 10+ year relationship, their continued commitment to construction of a quality product has been backed by their professionalism, depth of knowledge, and ability to deliver on schedule. Our clients are always happy to hear that we have chosen Ames to be a part of the project team. They are our first choice and will continue to be for a long time.

Morgan Hill Konstantinidis, VP-Development - Retail Sites, LLC