Residential Installation/Replacement Technician - Eby Exteriors


Job Description

Eby Exteriors (part of Ames Construction, Inc)

Position Title: Residential Installation/Replacement Technician (Exterior Products)

Full Job Description

Overview: Eby Exteriors is seeking a full-time experienced exterior replacement technician.


The Technician will work as part of the team under the direction of the foreman assigned to the job. He/She must be able to work independently and produce quality results in a timely manner.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities


*Eby Exteriors reserves the right to modify the essential duties of this position description as business demands dictate.

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    Our project wasn’t “managed”  by the dedicated staff at Ames, it was nurtured. Every aspect was discussed with us openly and, whether tragedy or triumph, handled with responsibility and a level of stewardship that told us how much they cared about the outcome.

    Daniel Jurman, Executive Director - Ephrata Performing Arts Center