Residential Installation/Replacement Technician - Eby Exteriors


Job Description

Eby Exteriors (part of Ames Construction, Inc)

Position Title: Residential Installation/Replacement Technician (Exterior Products)

Full Job Description

Overview: Eby Exteriors is seeking a full-time experienced exterior replacement technician.


The Technician will work as part of the team under the direction of the foreman assigned to the job. He/She must be able to work independently and produce quality results in a timely manner.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities


*Eby Exteriors reserves the right to modify the essential duties of this position description as business demands dictate.

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    We have to keep the customer at the forefront, so we have to make sure that we’re keeping our store clean, clutter free, and that everything we’re doing is safe. Working with Ames was Awesome! Our job foreman, Brian, he took that to heart, he made that his mission, to make sure that we didn’t have dust, he didn’t allow clutter. I would be in some mornings at 6:00 AM and there he was sweeping up after the guys to make sure the store was ready for the customers.

    Sue Fearnbaugh - Store Manager, Giant Mt. Joy, PA