Landis Homes Retirement Community – Lititz, PA

Project Details:

Project Manager: Dewey Yoder

Location: 1001 E Oregon Rd Lititz, PA

Job Type: Commercial Cabinetry

Time Line: October, 2020

Landis Homes Retirement Community – Lititz, PA


Nauman Cabinetry designed, built, and delivered new custom-made COVID guards to allow the residents of Landis Homes to more safely use their beautiful gym. The new guards are sleek, sturdy, attractive, and help maintain the open feel of the gym.


We had a very positive experience with Ames – lot’s of good communication throughout the project. Any problems, concerns, or things that came up throughout the project, they were able to address them and made sure everything was done satisfactorily during, through, and at the end of the project. It was a wise choice to pick Ames as our builder.

Ryan & Sandra Kreider, Owners - Kreider's Market, Kirkwood, PA