Estimator - Ames Construction, Inc.



Position Title: Estimator

Position Summary

Estimator will take the project, review the specifications and drawings, pull the necessary components together and establish the anticipated cost of the project.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

Non-Essential functions

The employee is expected to: exercise honesty, integrity, and respect with all clients and co-workers, maintain a professional appearance and demeanor, demonstrate a positive attitude, communicate effectively with co-workers and clients, work with accuracy, efficiency, and attention to detail, maintain good attendance, work safely in compliance with all safety policies, respect the work environment and keep it neat and clean as possible, and exercise initiative to learn new skills and tasks and to help co-workers when possible.

The employee is also expected to perform such other duties and functions as required from time to time.


Ames Construction, Inc. reserves the right to modify the essential duties of this position description as business demands dictate.

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    We have to keep the customer at the forefront, so we have to make sure that we’re keeping our store clean, clutter free, and that everything we’re doing is safe. Working with Ames was Awesome! Our job foreman, Brian, he took that to heart, he made that his mission, to make sure that we didn’t have dust, he didn’t allow clutter. I would be in some mornings at 6:00 AM and there he was sweeping up after the guys to make sure the store was ready for the customers.

    Sue Fearnbaugh - Store Manager, Giant Mt. Joy, PA