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Trusted Commercial Renovation & Remodeling in Lancaster, PA

Your facility is the face you show to the world. It’s also a place where your customers, employees, members, congregants, etc. interact and conduct business. The need for a space that is attractive, comfortable, energy-efficient, and ultimately meets your needs is paramount. In some cases, a once-sufficient facility is now too crowded or not quite up to date. In others, like a retail store or a medical office, a space may have become drab and unappealing, or is simply worn out. While Ames Construction is well known for new commercial building, we also perform commercial renovation in Lancaster, PA and beyond, and have been doing so for many years.

Commercial renovation can be a preferred alternative to a new build for several reasons. If your current central location is an ingredient to your success, giving that up is an unattractive prospect. In addition, if your current building provides ample charm and character, there is no reason to give that up to get modern amenities. Finally, commercial remodeling is often a far more cost-effective solution to secure a fully state-of-the-art space. Our commercial remodeling services provide much-needed updates and inspiring designs – all backed by the signature Ames Construction relationship-first experience.


Commercial Retrofitting Accomplished Successfully

In a business climate that praises companies for adopting environmentally friendly practices, commercial retrofitting can be the best solution to enhance your facilities. While “green” new construction is certainly a possibility with Ames Construction, we offer retrofitting options as well. When you are looking for a new space, commercial retrofitting can allow you to convert an old space into a state-of-the-art facility tailored to your needs – just like building new, and often at a much lower cost.

Our In House Team

Since Ames Construction has our own teams of in-house commercial HVAC, commercial plumbing, and other skilled tradesmen, we can perform many of the needed updates ourselves. Whether the project entails adding modern ductwork to an old building, upgrading copper pipes, or something else, our team can handle it for you.

As is the case with our commercial renovation services, retrofitting provides a series of benefits that companies are eager to capitalize on. Firstly, the environmentally friendly angle can’t be understated. On top of that, this process can represent significant savings when compared to building new. Finally, by retrofitting an old building, you can achieve a truly modern space, complete with a few pieces of old-style character.

Start with a Conversation – We’re Ready to Talk

There’s no question that deciding between a new build, remodeling, or commercial retrofitting is a complicated choice. While this is a decision you and your company stakeholders will make, we can perform any of these services and are able to provide input if you desire. We encourage you to invite someone from the Ames team in to discuss the possibilities – and advantages – of each direction. Contact us today for a no-obligation project review and discussion!

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We have to keep the customer at the forefront, so we have to make sure that we’re keeping our store clean, clutter free, and that everything we’re doing is safe. Working with Ames was Awesome! Our job foreman, Brian, he took that to heart, he made that his mission, to make sure that we didn’t have dust, he didn’t allow clutter. I would be in some mornings at 6:00 AM and there he was sweeping up after the guys to make sure the store was ready for the customers.

Sue Fearnbaugh - Store Manager, Giant Mt. Joy, PA